Spirit Untamed Pru & Chica Linda


  • ​Be a part of the friendship, bravery and adventure with DreamWorks animated film, Spirit Untamed!
  • ​Perfect for playing out the wonderful bond Pru and Chica Linda share, the Pru doll is approximately 7-in/17.78-cm and her horse, Chica Linda is approximately 8-in/20.32-cm.
  • ​Wearing molded jeans, boots and a cute yellow fabric top, Pru doll features 7 movable joints and is ready for pose and play action!
  • ​Chica Linda features a movable head for posing possibilities, a long mane for hair play fun and a playful stance.
  • ​Makes a great gift for ages 3 years old and up, especially those who cherish friendship, love fashion and horses!


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