Polly Pocket Pocket House: 4 Stories, 11 Accessories & Micro Dolls


  • ​Inspired by Polly’s house in her tiny hometown of Pollyville, Pocket House features a babysitting theme and opens to reveal 4 stories, 5 rooms, 4 fun reveals, 11 accessories plus micro Polly and Paxton Pocket dolls and Peaches the dog
  • ​Includes fun play pieces for set up: a rocking horse, Paxton’s high chair, a table and 2 chairs, couch, Peaches’ doghouse, a trampoline and bike
  • ​House floors and activities include: Polly’s bedroom; Paxton’s room with crib and rocking horse; bathroom with a fun tub; a living room with TV, table and chairs, music/stereo for dancing (stick Polly doll on dance floor that spins); a kitchen and high chair so Polly doll can feed Paxton Pocket doll; and outside fun on the trampoline and bike riding​
  • ​Place Polly doll’s feet in the bicycle pedals, push the bike, and the doll moves like she’s riding the bike
  • ​Sticker sheet with Polly Stick technology allows kids to stick the stickers anywhere and Polly doll and friends will can stick on the sticker
  • ​Kids can customize Polly’s Pocket House with additional stickers like rugs, slippers and more to add to the storytelling fun
  • ​Build out and customize your world with Pollyville tiny hangouts and vehicles Collect them all for unlimited ways to play


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