Kindi Kids Puppy Petkin Lunch Box and 3 Shopkins



  • Pack up the Kindi Kids Fun Lunch Box with Shopkins treats and get ready to go and play at Rainbow Kindi with the Kindi Kids
  • Comes with 3 Shopkins for a yummy lunch at Rainbow Kindi: A Stackable Sandwich, a Magic Spoon and a Fruit Cup treat
  • See the Kindi Kids eat the Fruit Cup treat Pull the Magical Spoon out of the Fruit Cup, push it up to the Kindi Kid’s mouth and watch the fruit disappear off the Spoon
  • All 3 Shopkins fit inside the Lunch Box ready for the day
  • The perfect size for fitting in the hands of Kindi Kids for a yummy on the go lunch
  • Pack contains: 1 Lunch Box, 1 Stackable Sandwich, 1 Magic Spoon, 1 Fruit Cup
  • For ages 3+


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