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Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Rich Moisturising


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  • Skin cream for dry skin: Neutrogena rich moisturiser for dry skin with the Norwegian formula provides intensive moisturising for immediate relaxation of the skin and makes it look protected and healthy all day long
  • The Norwegian formula enriched with vitamin E: the moisturiser for dry skin has been proven to immediately soothes very dry skin and protects against external environmental influences
  • Easy to use: For optimal results, apply the cream as a body cream, face cream and hand cream daily to the entire body, face and hands
  • For body, hands and face: the rich body cream for dry skin is suitable for body, hands and face and provides a protected and healthy skin complexion all day long
  • Box contents: 1 x 200 ml Neutrogena Norwegian formula, rich moisturising cream, body care, face care and hand care

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